Pandanus Gallery

Australian Aboriginal Fine Art

Anna & Paul La Fontaine founded Pandanus Gallery in 2009.

Anna has had an extensive career in the arts culminating in an involvement in the field over several years. Paul’s business career has spanned many industries including the arts but his love of Aboriginal art and avid interest in the indigenous culture has seen him become a well educated devotee of the vast subject.

They have combined their deep interest and knowledge with a ‘sea change’ to beautiful Palm Cove where the gallery is just across the road from the beach and the Coral Sea.

Since the launch they have expanded their sourcing of artworks significantly; and have participated in the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair as exhibitors. The Gallery has also had a number of exhibitions including from Aurukun Wik & Kugu Art Centre, the communities in the Kimberley as well as those from The Tanami Desert.

The curating policy at Pandanus Gallery is to expand strong and transparent relationships with remote Aboriginal art communities; and where ever possible to source works for the gallery from Aboriginal owned community art centres throughout Australia. 

Their objective is to represent the diversity in Aboriginal styles of art reflecting culture, law and the Dreaming; and they have made important steps towards achieving this in many communities and now aim to extend this to Queensland, especially FNQ.
Works are selected individually to meet the highest quality in materials, execution and artistic and cultural merit. A small but exciting portion of the gallery stock represents important works from before and including the first two decades of the contemporary art movement at Papunya in the early 1970s.
Pandanus Gallery carries important works by some of the Top 50 Australian Artists and Telstra Aboriginal Art Awards and highly experienced artists in their twilight years, and is particularly interested in supporting emerging artists who are inspired to communicate with the world through their fine art.



OPEN 7 days
The Beach Club, 123 Williams Esplanade, Palm Cove, Queensland 4879.

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