Birdworld Kuranda

A photographer's delight!


Immerse yourself in one of the most unique wildlife attractions of Tropical North Queensland.  Birdworld is a wonderland of over 60 specimens of rare and precious bird species from Australia and around the world. 

Here in Kuranda, you may join the birds in their beautiful rainforest habitat as the fly around you.

There are brilliant Amazonian macaws, the endangered and stately cassowary, cheeky rainbow lorikeets, galahs, cockatoos and many more.  Don't be surprised to find a feathered friend taking a ride on your shoulder!

Naturally landscaped with waterfalls, ponds, exotic and native plants, Birdworld replicates the natural habitats of the many species that roam this unique rainforest immersion exhibit.  It is a photographer's delight!

OPEN DAILY 9am - 4pm
Located within Kuranda Heritage Markets, Rob Vievers Drive, Kuranda.

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