EYE to EYE Marine Encounters

An Experience of a lifetime - SWIM WITH MINKE WHALES

During June and July each year, Dwarf Minke whales congregate around  some of the beautiful coral reefs from Port Douglas to Lizard Island, using it as a playground and potential nursery.  While in the area they actively engage with swimmers, often for hours at a time, in an event that happens nowhere else on earth.

Only identified in the 1980's, there is still much to learn about the Dwarf Minke whales, but working in conjunction with Queensland's leading marine biologists, John Rumney has been bringing researchers and snorkellers face to face with these inquisitive creatures since 1996.

It is extremely rare for wildlife to initiate interactions with humans, but this is what researchers have found is so special with the friendly Dwarf Minke whales.  They are curious enough to meet snorkellers eye to eye in what some recount as a spiritual connection; so for anyone who has ever had a dream to connect with a whale in its own element and on its terms, while diving and snorkelling beautiful coral gardens, there is such a place on Australia's Great Barrier Reef where dreams do come true.

Join the world leaders in sustainable whale watching for this breathtaking adventure during June & July each year, on one of the 4-5 day live aboard expeditions to some of the best dive and snorkel sites on the Great Barrier Reef.

As the only permitted operator with no fixed itinerary, Eye To Eye Marine Encounters are free to make the most out of changing sea conditions and animal behaviour, ensuring you get the very best whale watching experience possible.

This trip includes diving and snorkeling at some of the best sites on the Great Barrier Reef and has on board researchers and biologists to provide fascinating interpretive talks.

All encounters are on the whales’ terms, and your dollar helps fund whale research and conservation.

Operating during the winter months of June and July to coincide with whale migration.
Sailing from Port Douglas

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