Outback Opal Mine

Opals from the Outback & Pearls from Torres Strait

The beauty and fascination of Australian opal lies in the depth of its play of colour. The only gem in the world showing all the colours of the rainbow, its value varies upon many factors including the type of opal, brilliance and clarity of colours, size, type of pattern and degree of perfection. You don’t have to spend a fortune to own a beautiful piece of Australia through good quality opal.

On the northern side of Cairns, the award-winning Outback Opal Mine showroom displays how opal gougers work, how opal is formed, cut and polished.  You can view an eight minute mining documentary (in English, German, Japanese or Mandarin) and enjoy an informative tour through a simulated mine.

The Torres Strait, Far North Queensland has a rich history of harvesting high grade silver and gold South Sea Pearls dating back to the 1900’s. Experts believe that the key to the region‘s success is the unspoilt and nutrient rich mangrove waters; and it is here that the majority of Torres Strait Pearls are harvested from the Turtle Head Island farm. Unfortunately due to its remote location, public access to the farm is not possible, but the Outback Opal Mine is Cairns’ exclusive Escape River Pearl merchant; and here you may even choose your own exquisite pearl and have it custom made in the setting of your choice.

The Outback Opal Mine’s extensive range of opal jewellery, loose stones and Torres Strait Pearls are all fully guaranteed and represent excellent value.

OPEN 7 DAYS Monday to Saturday: 9am - 6pm Sundays & Public Holidays: 9am - 5pm
Captain Cook Highway, Clifton Beach, Queensland. 4879

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