BAZAAR at QT Resort

QT BAZAAR - A Traditional Marketplace with a Twenty-first Century Twist

Step inside the bustling Port Douglas restaurant and it’s clear that it’s the produce and flavours which are the heroes.

If you can look past the wood fired pizza ovens, classic pot roasts and refreshing organic salads, you’ll see refrigerators almost bursting with colourful, fresh produce.  And cornering past the Asian wok stations, the spotlight is on a pedestal of gleaming seafood.

At Bazaar, your plate is your passport and there are no rules on which destinations to explore. With a mosaic of dishes to choose from, many are made to order, whilst others are ready for you peruse at your own pace.  Regardless of where you start or finish, each and every dish is accompanied by a passionate chef, eager to explain the intricacies of their creations.

While the kitchen tempts you in different directions, a talented team of wait staff are on hand to ensure a cohesive Port Douglas experience, guiding you between Bazaar’s intriguing wine list and enticing cocktails. The sleek dining room at our restaurant in Port Douglas blends a number of cuisines, with an intricate timber ceiling and modern furniture – the perfect setting to witness your journey unfold.

OPEN DAILY for breakfast and dinner.
87-109 Port Douglas Road, Port Douglas, Queensland. 4877

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